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LSTS assists its clients in optimising tax gains and minimising tax leaks through expert international tax planning.


LSTS offers legal advice and support through Cyprus qualified corporate lawyers able to advise on all corporate law matters.


LSTS offers the full spectrum of fiduciary and company secretarial services required by clients optimising through Cyprus.


LSTS offers bespoke substance services allowing clients to tailor products and services to achieve the requisite presence.


LSTS offers assistance in opening bank accounts in numerous premium jurisdictions in Europe and Asia.


LSTS provides audit and assurance services according to IFRS. LSTS is registered under ICPAC and ICEAW.

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Russian Deoffshorisation

Russia Deoffshorisation

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RUSSIA DEOFFSHORISATION Forward  On 25 November 2014, a law providing amendments to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, introducing the concept of tax residency for legal entities and controlled foreign companies (“CFC”) (the “Law”), was signed by president Vladimir Putin. The Law came into effect 1 January 2015. (Russian Deoffshorisation) The law is set to establish

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Pavlos Kontides (CYP) who won the Silver Medal today, 06.08.12, in the Men's One Person Dinghy (Laser) event in The London 2012 Olympic Sailing Competition.

Cyprus Company Advantages

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Cyprus Company Advantages Cyprus: The EU’s optimal tax regime: The synergy created by Cyprus’ modern, simple and attractive tax regime coupled with its advanced and adaptable English Common Law legal system have created the EU’s most efficient and effective tax regime in tax planning and asset protection. The reasons for Cyprus’ leading position are the following:

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Permanent Residence in Cyprus

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Forward In January 2014 the Ministry of Interior in Cyprus has revised the criteria for granting a permanent residence (an immigration permit) in Cyprus providing a new expedited procedure for third country nationals who invest in Cyprus. To qualify for the permanent residence in Cyprus a third-party national must purchase in Cyprus one or two,

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Naturalisation of Investors in Cyprus

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Scheme for Naturalisation of Investors in Cyprus by Exception Forward On 19 March 2014 the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cyprus (“Cyprus”) revised its previous criteria and conditions dated 24 May 2013 for the Naturalisation by Exception of non-Cypriot entrepreneurs investing in Cyprus (Cyprus Citizenship “CC”). A non-Cypriot citizen, who meets one of

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Yacht Registration [under review]

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Yacht Registration: Cyprus the Preferred Location YACHT LEASING SCHEME On 13 March 2012, the Cyprus VAT Authorities announced the implementation of a new yacht leasing scheme though the issue of Circular 163 (updated under Circular 181 issued on 30 January 2014) (the “Yacht Leasing Scheme”) making Cyprus one of the most attractive EU jurisdictions for yacht

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Protection of Intellectual Property Rights through Cyprus

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Intellectual Property in Cyprus In July 2012 the Cyprus Income Tax Law, Law 118 of 2002 was amended to provide, amongst others, very beneficial tax incentives and exceptions relating to income deriving from intellectual property rights (“IP”). The legislation adopts the beneficial principles of already established and successfully implemented tax legislation in European countries such

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